Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

I know its an old saying, but still very valid. I have never read any statistics on how many businesses work without a plan or vision of what they want to achieve, but I suspect it is around 90%. However everyone I talk to agrees it is a vital part of running a business.
So what is it that is stopping us?
Time! Many of us  say we are to busy running our business to plan, but if we don't how do we know what road to take and what our objective is.
How! I don't know what to include, and where to start. What is your vision for yourself and the business, is a good place to start, if you know what your ideal objective is then you can plan the road towards it.
I will be running a series of courses at the Falkirk Stadium, and the first is all about retail planning, starting on the 16th May at 6:30pm, contact me on 07818836482 or
Give your business an edge have a plan.