Monday, 16 January 2012

What is going on? I have just visited a major high street clothing shop, only to be totally ignored by at least 5 staff members.
I am sure this company has training for the team, but here is the difference is it tick box training, where the business can say yes we have trained everyone, and then forget about it. Or is it time spent really investigating what happens in their store by talking to the team, getting them to understand how really to improve service and therefore sales.
Many large businesses expect the team to carry out other duties such as stock counting whilst serving, what happens, the employee has a deadline to meet and is under pressure and the service part of the equation is pushed further and further down the list.
So what am I saying, well it's this don't just pay lip service to customer service live it breathe it, from the top down, ensure that it is top priority in your daily planning and above all give the team time to do it and see sales and repeat business grow.
It is an old equation but it works think of your favourite shops chances are the human element is high up in what makes them special.
Lastly if you receive poor service complain politely but strongly,as high and often as you can.